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Here's what one of our students, Jenni T., from Winter/Spring 2011 came up with to do during her Reading Deprivation week:

*I took a walk every day.

*I did yoga.

*I sang.

*Matt and I played Dominion,  Prosperity, which technically required me to read the instructions and the cards.

*I knitted an entire glove.

*I cleaned out a closet.

*I "hired" a personal shopper whom I have yet to pay (with lunch).  (Thanks, William!)

*I got cast in two Theatrepoems.  (

*I ran my audition pieces a thousand times.

*I sat on the piano bench, swinging my feet.

*Matt and I ate at the table.

*I went to bed early.

*I gazed at the moon.

*I admired a hummingbird.

*I got my hair done.

*I cleaned the bathroom.

*I woke up laughing from a dream starring Christine Noel Riippi and some giant Chiclet teeth.

*I had a dream in which a couple of friends referred to having abortions as "catch and release."

*I missed the blogs of Jane ( and Elena (

*My family felt far away.

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I guess, keeping your self busy will work, for men, doing woodworking and home repair can be effective.


"works at overstock doors company"

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