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For Currently Enrolled Your Right To Write via Zoom Spring/Summer Quarter 2022 - PAY BALANCE here of $320


“YOUR Right to Write” via Zoom 

We start with the desire: “I want to write.” Then any number of blocks can pop up to make the task of writing seem like a herculean one to accomplish. Led by Creativity Instructor, Kate Gavigan this 12 week writing class will take you through the chapters in creativity writer Julia Cameron’s book “The Right to Write.” In this book, Julia explores the “why” of why we write or are called to write. Using that as a foundation, we will take the next small steps from “why” we write to “let’s go ahead and write!”

Over the course of the 12 weeks, we will utilize several transformative Artist’s Way creativity tools (morning pages, artist’s dates) to help ground us in our creativity and in our writing practice. We will have FUN playing around with words and experimenting and exploring a wide variety of writing genres. Students will also engage with some gentle tasks to help identify and miniaturize your critic/censor, address past blocking artistic injuries and write in a low pressure, relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. To quote Julia Cameron, “I want to let everybody in. I want us all to write … we all have the right to write.”

We look forward to offering a class that makes room for us ALL to write!

Absolute beginners welcome as well as long time writers and everyone in between.
Maximum 10 students.

Students will also get to meet with the instructor for 30 minutes prior to the first class for a 1 on 1 chat as well as a closing 30 minute individual session at the end of the 12 weeks.

Section IV: May 7 - July 30
Sundays, 6:30 – 8:30 pm (Pacific Standard Time)
$395 (12 weeks)
Instructor: Kate Gavigan
Note: No class May 28

Note: A $75 tuition deposit (nontransferable/nonrefundable) will secure your space in class. Students are responsible of purchasing their own copy of Julia Cameron's book "The Right to Write." It is not unusual for students to have to miss 1 or 2 classes over the 12 weeks. Kate will write detailed notes so you stay connected to the material and to your fellow students.

Kate Gavigan has been facilitating Artist’s Way Classes since 2009 and has a passion for helping students discover or rediscover their gifts and talents. Kate rediscovered her fondness for writing at about the same time she began offering Artist’s Way Classes. She has loved the power of words since the very first time a book was read to her (“I am a bunny” and her love for the power, the majesty, the wonder of words has grown exponentially since then. She has a particular calling for helping all students realize they have a unique voice that only they can share. Kate is excited to offer this class that gives students permission and inspiration to WRITE!

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