Coaching and Marketing for Artists with Kate Gavigan

CREATIVITY COACHING - Creativity is defined as "the ability to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others." The great news is that the experience of being creative is open to ALL individuals. The challenge is that individuals exploring their creativity often report challenges with being able to make the transition from "thinking" about working on their creativity to actually "working" on (we prefer "playing with") their creativity. Creative coaching is not just for artists! Creative coaching can be helpful for anyone who has a creative element in their work, anyone who is in the process of launching a creative practice, anyone needing assistance with marketing a creative practice or anyone seeing support, guidance and feedback as you explore your creativity.

Working individually with a creativity coach, you will:

1) have an opportunity to identify your creative vision,
2) explore obstacles,
3) establish concrete strategies to move toward your vision and
4( set up a system for accountability that will assist you in achieving your goals.

The act of being creative can be an exhilarating and sometimes frustrating process with individuals often reporting a lot of starting and stopping. The challenge is to keep moving forward. The skills you learn working individually with a creativity coach can help you in keeping the momentum going whether you are just beginning to explore your creative passion or if your have been going through a period of creative drought. Individual Artist's Way coaching also is available as part of the coaching sessions. For more information, Kate provides a free half hour phone consultation. Contact Kate Gavigan via our contact page.

Creativity Coaching and Marketing for Artists rates
$130 per 90 minute Zoom session
$100 per 60 minute Zoom session 
$50 per 30 minute Zoom session

Seattle Artist's Way Center Alums (discounted rate)
$120 per 90 minute Zoom session
$90 per 60 minute Zoom session
$45 per 30 minute Zoom session


It's been my privilege to support both emerging and established artists to market their creative work. My passion for marketing emerged having worked as a Marketing Manager at Freehold Theatre for 8 years and in promoting my Artist's Way classes and subsequent talks. I found that marketing came easily to me, but I also heard from many of our students that was not always the case for them. I'm a big believer in marketer Peter Drucker's comment that "The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself... the aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous." I bring an excitement about getting to know the artist and their work, a sense of fun, my unique artist's perspective and my marketing expertise. Working with clients, I see their stress eased with having a marketing strategy created and implemented which has also allowed them the time and freedom to focus on what they really want to focus on ... creating. It is tremendously satisfying to see the artist's gifts and talents be appreciated by new audiences and for the artists to have a new avenue of revenue which allows them to realize their dreams and goals.

Our marketing work together could include 1 or all of the below:

*Individual 1 on 1 consultation re: marketing expectations and goals

*Identifying and creating a marketing strategy

*Devising a Social Media Plan

*Implementing the marketing plan and reviewing the efficacy of the plan

A free 30 minute consultation is available to new clients. Contact me through the contact page to schedule.

Here's to growing our artist's vision and realizing our goals!

Creativity Coach: Kate Gavigan has coached students in exploring their creativity through teaching the Artist's Way classes since 2009.  She is passionate about all things creative and supporting others in realizing their creative dreams. She has seen how exploring one's creativity can profoundly change students' lives. Kate worked as a social services trainer for 10 years when she found herself drawn to the material in The Artist's Way which helped her uncover a passion for theatre  and the arts. She credits her mid-life career change (now working at her dream jobs teaching Artist's Way classes, working as a Marketing Consultant and acting and playing music) to having explored her creativity using The Artist's Way materials as well as utilizing other creativity resources.